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Fabric thickness, mm:
Roll width, m:
Roll length, m:
not less 300
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Dipped technical fabrics are used as a reinforcing element in the production of conveyor belts of the latest generation.


Such belts with additional dipping that enhances the strength of the fabric are used in almost any branch of light and heavy industry that uses rubberized fabric conveyor belts, drive belts, or industrial textiles.


The fabric base of the core of the conveyor belt based on EP (EE) gives the belts increased wear resistance, and, consequently, the possibility of its long-term operation.


Application area:

– Reinforcement of conveyor belts;

– Used for the production of rubber-fabric conveyor belts and other products with an elastomeric coating.


Fabric Packing:

1.The fabric is being rolled on a steel winding roller with a diameter of (140 ÷ 165) mm with a square hole (at Customer’s request): (42±1) х (42±1) mm; (45±1) х (45±1) mm, ( 50±1) x (50±1) mm, (55±1) x (55±1) mm. The winding roller is pre-wrapped with polyethylene film.

2.The edge of the fabric is attached to the commodity roller with adhesive tape. After winding, the end of the fabric is fastened with a thread along the diameter of the roll in two places.

3.The roll is wrapped in black stretch film.

4.The roll is wrapped in an overlap in a layer of technical dipped fabric with a width equal to the width of the packed fabric with a tolerance of + 1 cm, the fabric layer is fixed with a splinting tape in two places.

How to order

1. Choose the right product according to its characteristics and purpose.

2.Add the product to the cart.

3.Leave your contact details.

4.Our manager will contact you and advise on payment and delivery of goods.


Method 1:

Delivery by a transport company “to the gate” is carried out depending on

cargo volume:

— for bulky orders: from euro trucks, containers to groupage cargo

– for a small batch (100-200kg): by the Supplier’s own transport


Method 2:

Express delivery by DHL, TNT, Pony-Express


*The optimal delivery method is selected by the manager after placing the order