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Geotextile woven 300/300

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Surface density, g/m2:
Roll width, m:
not less 3,2
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upon request
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The purpose of using geomaterials is to ensure the reliable and durable functioning of industrial,civil,hydraulic,military construction facilities,including in complex engineering geological conditions(on various weak,unstable,disturbed soils,sands,swamps,in watered areas)


-Roads and other areas occupied by roads, streets, etc.

-Railway construction

-Earthworks and construction of foundations in supporting structures

-Erosion protection structures (foreshore protection and shoreline construction)

-Sewer systems

-Reservoirs and dams

-Solid waste disposal

-Tunnels and underground structures

-Groundwater protection



Winding on a tube with an inner diameter of 74-75 mm / 93-94 mm. Packaging in polyethylene film.

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