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STYLESTAB geofabric, due to the ability to absorb high tensile loads, as well as adhesion to the ground, when laid in earthworks, together with compacted soil layers, forms a rather complex and durable structure. Having the highest tensile strength characteristics, STYLESTAB woven geotextile is an indispensable component for subgrade reinforcement.


With a high speed of embankment construction on heaving and weak soils (clay, peat) and insufficient shear strength of the base soil, the risk of reducing the bearing capacity of the entire structure increases. Being placed between soil and aggregate, STYLESTAB is designed to eliminate this problem by increasing the bearing capacity of the soil and the stability of the entire embankment as a whole. During the construction of earthen support structures, STYLESTAB woven geotextile greatly facilitates the construction of embankments on weak foundations.


The unique characteristics of the STYLESTAB geotextile make it possible to repeatedly increase the bearing capacity of the soil during the construction of breakwaters, dams, piers, and other port facilities for various purposes.


In the design and construction of landfill sites, it is considered that excessive loads can lead to cracks in the mineral insulating coatings. Geofabric STYLESTAB, laid under such a coating, prevents critical deformations of the coating that occur during the settlement of dumped debris or underlying soil. Often, landfills have very steep slopes, in which STYLESTAB can also be used as a reinforcing element.


Often the strengthening of slopes with very steep slopes or retaining elements is limited by the shear strength of the soil. STYLESTAB allows you to achieve the necessary stability by reinforcing horizontal layers of geofabric according to the “pie” principle.


If it is required to ensure the bending of the landscape and STYLESTAB acts as the outer cladding of the structure, an embankment of a layer of soil is made, followed by sowing of grasses.


Summarizing the above, it can be noted that STYLESTAB woven geotextile is indispensable for reinforcing soils with low bearing capacity, avoiding construction stoppages associated with replacement and long-term soil consolidation. It is also obvious that the material costs of carrying out the above works are reduced. STYLESTAB installation does not require special equipment or special climatic conditions.


Winding on a tube with an inner diameter of 74-75 mm / 93-94 mm. Packaging in polyethylene film.

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