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Twisted yarn PA 187 tex X1X2 (330Z)(340S)

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Technical twisted yarns are produced by the method of warping and twisting threads:

– polyamide twisted yarns of 93.5 tex, 144 tex, 187 tex in one or two twists.

– twisted polyester yarns of 93.5 tex, 110 tex, 220 tex, 330 tex, 440 tex, 660 tex in one or two twists.

The twist range is 36-500 twists/meter. They are used for the production of net gear, ropes, ropes, products for sports and recreation. Depending on the number of additions and twisting operations, there are single, roped, single-twisted and multi-twisted yarns. A single yarn is an untwisted or twisted yarn obtained in a single spinning operation. Drawn yarn consists of two or more single yarns connected without twisting. Single twisted yarn consists of two or more single yarns twisted in one operation. A multi-twisted yarn is obtained by one or more twisting operations of two or more textile yarns, at least one of which is single-twisted. Our company renders services in torsion and twisting of yarns on a give-and-take basis at the request of the customer. Pulling and twisting of yarns is carried out on modern imported equipment.


The running time of the thread is carried out with the provision of a filling end with a length of at least 1 m. It is allowed to connect the ends of the thread with a splicer (no more than 2 connections in a package, no more than 10% of the total volume of bobbins in a batch). Connection strength min. 80% of the strength of the main thread. Packing in separate blocks. Cartridge length, mm – 290.5 Cartridge inner diameter, mm – 75.0 Each bobbin with thread is wrapped with a polymer film. Reels are installed on pallets with the formation of a block package using interlayer spacers during palletizing. A lid is placed on the upper tier of the block package. The block package is splinted and wrapped with stretch film. The thread must be stored in conditions that ensure the integrity of the package, in closed, dry and periodically ventilated warehouses of the manufacturer and consumer. Warranty period of storage is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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Method 1:

Delivery by a transport company “to the gate” is carried out depending on cargo volume:

– for bulky orders: from euro trucks, containers to groupage cargo

– for a small batch (100-200kg): by the Supplier’s own transport


Method 2:

Express delivery by DHL, TNT, Pony-Express

*The optimal delivery method is selected by the manager after placing the order